Upcoming Event: Diversity in Startups

On February 19th ARYZE is hosting an event on the role of diversity in building healthy startups and happy employees. Speaker Maria Dahl Andersen will start us off with a presentation, after which we will have a panel discussion on this important topic.

Diversity is not only a hot topic but an important one. Building more inclusive workforces and workplaces is central to creating an equitable society, and it can also be really good for business. A 2018 McKinsey Study found that:

“companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians”.

So, how does diversity affect startups and their employees? 

Seeking to explore this question, ARYZE is hosting an event on Wednesday, February 19th about the role of diversity in startups. First, speaker Maria Dahl Andersen (linkedin.com/in/maria-dahl-andersen-001687184) will present the findings of her A+ earning research in Corporate Communication at Aarhus Universitet. After the thirty-minute presentation, moderator Chloë Sahyoun (www.linkedin.com/in/chloë-sahyoun) will lead a panel discussion with Dahl Andersen and two experts. 

To join us at the event please sign up here.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

  • Diversity and theory: how to use diversity strategically in startups while supporting employee well-being 
  • WHY should we focus on diversity? Is it only what’s visible to the naked eye?
  • HOW does diversity exist within start-ups? What value can diversity add to start-ups and how does it affect employee well-being?
  • WHAT action can we take? Do CSR and diversity complement each other?


  • 16.00: Welcome and registration
  • 16.30: Presentation by Maria Dahl Andersen
  • 17.00: Debate
  • 17.30: Networking
  • 18.00. Thank you and goodbye

The event will be held at Købmagergade 22. We look forward to seeing you there.

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