The ARYZE e-money application – MAMA

Introducing the application which will transcend country barriers and innovate the way that money and value are transmitted worldwide.

Similar to how a physical wallet can hold physical cash or coins, MAMA is a digital wallet that will let users receive, send and store Digital Cash, fully backed in their preferred sovereign currency.


Using MAMA, you will be able to easily send, receive and store Digital Cash in multiple currencies whenever, wherever.


You have the choice on what modules you wish to add to your MAMA wallet, allowing you to store your favorite purchasing apps in one place.


We do not believe in you having to pay to use YOUR money. That’s why we try our best to eliminate most fees and give you the fairest exchange rates you can receive.


We keep your money safe by placing it in the central bank. This ensures that the value of your money will be guaranteed and in one place, always.


Get rid of the hassle of manually administering every bill you have to pay. With MAMA, you can easily set up automatic payments on a time schedule that works for you and the recipient.

MAMA is the Multi-Asset Modular Application
Design prototype of the ARYZE e-money application – MAMA

When can you expect this?

You can expect to be able to download and use the iOS/Android application in 2020. In the beginning, we will offer currency services for USD, but gradually onboarding new currencies over time.

What will it cost?

There is no sign-up cost to use the application. Transaction fees are kept to a minimum, and exchange rates are some of the fairest you can receive. You won’t be billed over time for using the application and there are no in-app purchases.

What is Digital Cash?

Digital Cash: Cryptocurrencies in the form of “stablecoins” that are backed one-to-one by real underlying fiat currencies, issued by governments.

Corporations naturally prefer to receive a currency that is not extremely volatile, and that is where ARYZE Digital Cash comes into play; a cryptographically secure token, linked to national money that will have the benefits of quick and immutable transactions through distributed ledgers, yet also the non-volatility of fiat currency. You get the best of both worlds.

Moreover, ARYZE collateralizes stablecoins by incorporating government risk. We’re essentially insuring deposits through short-term government bonds and bills and working towards drastically reducing credit risk. This is to provide considerably less risk for corporations seeking to exchange currencies, as well as provide an additional revenue stream for ARYZE.

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