TechBBQ: A networking festival, where people come to learn, (re-)connect and get inspired

TechBBQ is an important conference for ARYZE. In this interview with Startup Program Manager Zivile Einikyte, we offer an insight into “the biggest startup and innovation summit in Scandinavia”.

TechBBQ is the biggest and most important tech conference in Denmark. People who are not familiar with the event often wonder about its name, and that is actually quite a cool story, because TechBBQ is a kind of a startup in itself. Back in 2012 a group of tech entrepreneurs met for a BYO BBQ that gathered 150 tech people. It has grown significantly in recent years, and last year TechBBQ had over 8000 attendees for their two-day conference.

ARYZE has attended TechBBQ in 2018 and 2019; you can see a video of the conference here:

We caught up with Startup Program Manager Zivile Einikyte for a chat about TechBBQ. The 28-year-old has been in Denmark since 2018, and is a big fan of all the cycling going on in Copenhagen. After coming over from Lithuania she still has to get use the constant use of Danish flags all the time, but she is down with the work-life balance. The marketing and communications professional wanted to get involved with the tech ecosystem, and found her opportunity at TechBBQ, which she says can be considered a festival:

TechBBQ is the biggest startup and innovation summit in Scandinavia that builds communities and fosters growth for startups and scale-ups based on the Nordic values; promoting openness, trust and inclusion. It can definitely be considered as a networking festival, where people come to learn, (re-) connect and get inspired.

Einikyte also discussed other tech festivals and TechBBQ’s ultimate goal:

I do believe that every conference is unique and serves different purposes. I definitely love Slush and its huge focus on startups. TechChill this year gave me a lot of inspiration and provided me with great insights about the Baltic ecosystem. And there are many more conferences to be mentioned like the Next Web, Sesame Summit, Startup Xtreme etc… To sum it up, each conference and event is special in their own way, and all contribute to making the future more kick-ass.

The ultimate goal here at TechBBQ is to foster connections and sustainable growth within the tech ecosystem.  We always challenge the status quo and are on the look-out for new innovation and tech. As a result, we let the size of the event grow organically while providing a high quality experience for our stakeholders as always.

Zivile Einikyte

The coronavirus is affecting all businesses these days and it is unsure when or if Europe will be back to normal after the virus has run its course. TechBBQ is supposed to take place from the 17th until the 18th of September and Einikyte is hopeful that the event will go forward:

We are still going ahead with the planning of TechBBQ 2020. We are staying positive, and remain optimistic that the situation will be resolved enough by September that we will be able to hold the event on the planned dates. Of course, we are taking all advisories from the government and global health organizations seriously and have transitioned to working from home for the time being. However, we do hope that our summit can help startup communities come back together after this period of global uncertainty. That’s the positivity we want – and can – bring to the table.

Finally. we asked the Einikyte to share her best advice for organizing big events like a conference. She states that it’s a dynamic and challenging process, which involves some sleepless nights right before the event. And she has some clever tips to stay organized:

Take the time to do your research

Ensure your team is aligned

Continue to think creatively

Having fun is important!

Be structured

Be flexible (have a ‘plan b’ or even c)

Quality (not quantity) is the way to go.

TechBBQ is scheduled to take place from the 17th until the 18th of September at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. You can learn more about attending here.

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