Startup Cup 2019

On the 19th of January 2019 the very first edition of Startup Cup will take place at DGI-byen. And you do NOT want to miss it.

Startup Cup 2019
Startup Cup 2019

In September the idea for the very first Startup Cup originated between members from the startup hubs Rain Making Loft and KBMG222. And on January 19th of 2019 the funniest and perhaps the best indoor football tournament will take place. Make sure to attend the event by clicking here.

DGI-byen has been rented, there will be room for almost 400 spectators and a lot of good teams have already signed up. But there is room for more.


One team from each invited startup hub can participate and it’s to be made up of staff members and people from the startups represented in each hub.

What can you expect?

Fun, great football, music, prizes, awards, team building, networking and more fun.

Sign up

For rules, payment and much more please visit — for now the information is in Danish, but this will be changed soon.

You can sign up by contacting [email protected]

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