Podcast: Digital Money & Financial Inclusion – chat with Morten Nielsen, co-founder of Danish startup ARYZE

ARYZE co-founder and CFO Morten Nielsen had a talk about digital cash and financial inclusion with Ana Paula Picasso. Listen to the podcast on Spotify.

Ana Paula Picasso from Blockchain PR Podcast visited ARYZE for a talk with co-founder and CFO Morten Nielsen. The pair discussed digital cash and financial inclusion and Morten Nielsen provided insight to ARYZE’s solution. Libra and stablecoins was discussed as well.

“This time I went to Copenhagen in Denmark to meet Morten Nielsen, co-founder of the Danish Startup ARYZE. We talked about how ARYZE is solving remittance problems in Kenya and other emerging markets, and their plan to build a cloud-native co-banking. Plus we chatted about financial inclusion, stablecoins, Facebook Libra, ICOs and much more.”

– Blockchain PR Podcast

You can find the podcast on Spotify here and on anchor.fm here. For more of ARYZE’s media mentions, please visit our website https://aryze.io/about-us/.

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