Pamela Norton and her personal philosophy which promotes entrepreneurship

ARYZE spoke with Pamela Norton about entrepreneurship and her attitude and perspectives that assist her in being a successful entrepreneur

Pamela Norton, founder and CEO of Borsetta, discussed with ARYZE the various tools she brings to her work. She promotes gratitude, keeping the ego at bay, trust, and details various components of her entrepreneurial spirit. As an entrepreneur, Pamela gives her definition of entrepreneurship:

I believe that an entrepreneur is someone who spots and pursues an opportunity regardless of the resources at their disposal. They have a drive and vision to find a way to make it happen. Being an entrepreneur requires an audacious leap of faith—often at significant risk. It is based on being honest with your “why”, filling the entrepreneur with passion and vision to innovate, ultimately building a better world.


Being an entrepreneur comes with its own stresses and challenges stemming from managing a significant amount of risk and uncertainty at any given time. Adding in a global pandemic makes managing uncertainty even more challenging. Pamela points out some tools she implements to handle these uncertainties:

I strongly believe in the power of ritual, particularly at the beginning and the end of the day. As a serial entrepreneur who faces burn out every day, routines and rituals are mandatory. I begin my day reading spiritual passages and the Daily Stoic to build and train for a healthy entrepreneurial mindset.

The COVID pandemic has given us all an opportunity to focus on what is essential even though everything seems out of our control, but committing to practice is a way of establishing and reminding ourselves of our power. It is about preparation, creating peace, discipline and habit formation and “loving what is.”

3 Concepts of Pamela’s Perspective on Entrepreneurship

It’s crucial to remain grounded not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone as we all face factors in life that are out of our control. Rituals help with staying grounded, as well as living by personal philosophy. Pamela focuses on the following three concepts inspired by the Stoics and author “Ryan Holiday” that she tries to practice every day:

The obstacle is the way—there is nothing so bad that we can’t make some good out of it. We can treat every problem as an opportunity to practice virtues which are wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance.

 Ego is the enemy—no problem is ever solved by introducing our ego. Pride makes us complacent and intolerable and ignorant for we cannot learn that which we think we already know.

Stillness is the key—you can speed up by slowing down. People can only focus, be happy, and see clearly when they get rid of franticness and focus on the state of peacefulness which gives you perspective that opens the door to possibilities.

Ms. Norton’s personal philosophy and dedication to entrepreneurship have led her to become a promoter Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology and the convergence of nano-microelectronics, AI/ML, decentralized AI, digital money and secure computing. Simply put, a machine has been built for creating trust and it was from this moment that she set out on a mission to create a framework for a hyperconnected world of trust, where every object can self-authenticate, transact, sense its environment, transmit secure information, and process transactions via a decentralized network.

She believes that the combination of these technologies combined with the COVID pandemic will accelerate opportunities to “democratize access to finance with new funding platforms, removing the barriers of high investment minimums for investors, allowing non accredited investors the chance to participate, increase shareholder liquidity and eliminating high administrative and acquisition costs.”

Pamela is optimistic about a future where visionaries can align themselves with others who share their vision within a “decentralized” edge economy.

For more from Pamela Norton and about her company visit her company’s website or contact her on Linkedin

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