NFTs for good: fighting Heart Failure with PUL3E

The market cap for NFTs has now reached 22bn since the last time we reported on it back in June 2021 which is a massive increase in demand for this new asset class conferring the ownership of a unique digital item usually tied to collectibles and art. However, there is a lot of hype in the NFTs market space and their social and long-term value is increasingly questioned.

At ARYZE, we believe that NFTs and overall digital assets should go beyond the hype and provide long term value that provides social and environmental benefits. This is why we interviewed Emilie Wright, the main figure behind the woman-led blockchain NFT project PUL3E where the non fungible tokens are minted for heart charities. The PUL3E is a collection of 7,676 randomly-generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. The designs are based on the human heart and have been created with animation 3D modeling. Each PUL3E NFT heart is unique like our own hearts based on a 3D model of the human heart and true-to-life ECG patterns, showcasing a range of heart conditions and abnormalities.

Can you tell us more about your background?

I have been involved in cryptocurrency since 2019 and the NFT space since 2020. I am a crypto investor and NFT collector, and feel absolutely privileged to be part of the diverse creativity, ambition and entrepreneurship on display in the space currently. I am so passionate about being part of women representation on the blockchain and advocating for increasing women involvement in the space.  My background is within the Health and Social Care sectors, and I have spent my career working in mental health services and advocating for social justice and equality. I have a true passion for helping others, giving back, and saw a unique opportunity to combine those qualities with my experience in NFT’s and cryptocurrency, and my partner Andrew’s diagnosis. That’s when the idea of PUL3E was born.

Emilie Wright & boyfriend Andrew

What started this journey and why NFTs?

In April 2021 my partner Andrew became very poorly very quickly, to the point where he could not breathe, eat, walk or sleep. He was hospitalised and diagnosed with severe Heart Failure and Dilated Cardiomyopathy. At the age of 31 this came as a massive shock as he was otherwise fit and healthy. After weeks of hospital visits, stays and recuperation, Andrew developed 2 blood clots, due to the impaired function of his heart and circulation, which needed further medical intervention. Since then, Andrew has been prescribed heavy doses of medication and life changed significantly. He went through surgery to have a CRT-D (Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy-Defibrillator) fitted next to his heart, which has now taken over pacing his heart rate and rhythms, and will send out a shock if the defibrilator needs to kick in. Andrew is now stable for the time being and even when the future is unknown, he has stayed so strong which is an absolute inspiration to me.

On the back of this, I was inspired to do something different after having watched in amazement as the NFT space has exploded this past year. It made sense to combine my passions in life to try and make a difference. Through launching PULS3E, we want to use the NFT space for good. Our goal is to use amazing and meaningful digital art to raise awareness for heart conditions while raising money for the charities who have suported us, and so many others through similar situations, throughout the most difficult year.

How do you grow your community and keep people engaged?

From very early on we have been present on Twitter and have managed to build an amazing small community following, which is growing every dayt. I strongly believe that consistency is key, and I aim to be extremely consistent with keeping in touch with the community we have built, and have been transparent about our progress and goals. The NFT space changes and moves so quickly, and I am enjoying putting time and effort in to keeping up with the developments so that i can keep our supporters and community engaged. I have been speaking about our project in Twitter Spaces, engaging in the #womeninNFTs movement, and working hard to build an organic, sustainable community following who share our values.

How do you create long-term value around these assets?

For PUL3E , I have been very clear that this is a long-term project with good intentions and core values. I will always be heavily invested emotionally in driving the value of our project forwar, because Andrew will always have a diagnosis of Heart Failure, and I will always have a cause to support. Our absolute underlying goal is to raise awareness and proceeds for heart charities, and we will not compromise on this. I think that by being in the space so early, by selling great quality 3D animated art, by having a clear goal and mission, and a dedicated team, the value will build over the long term.

PUL3E is a women-led project. How has this impacted the project until now (creation phase, development, and launch)?

Our team is still small, founded and managed by myself. As a woman in the space it can be quite daunting, however I would say it has overall been an incredibly positive experience. Although the majority of people in the NFT space are men, there is a strong movement of women on Twitter who are working hard to carve out our own space and room in the industry. There are also many inspiring women celebritities, like reese Witherspoon & Paris Hilton, who are aiming to shine light on women leasders and creatives in the space.

There is still more to be done to ensure equality and inclusion in the NFT and crypto space, however my experience has been very positive and I have felt very supported.

Blockchain use cases for sustainability, inclusion and overall SDG goals are gaining traction every day. Why is that the case?

I feel that Web3 is most certainly the future and charity focused NFT projects are gaining more traction in the space. Focusing on fundraising through NFTs provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure for a cause, raise awareness and reach an entirely new community and demographic. I believe that using NFTs to fundraise is a forward-thinking and progressive way to incorporate ´giving back´into a new space with many creative and giving people. It makes sense to combine creativity and push forward with fundraising for meaningful causes.

What are your plans for the future of PUL3E?

We have a Phase One Roadmap in place which details our short-term minting goals, including plans to reward our early supporters with giveaways, and our ultimate goal which is donating 10% of our proceeds to heart charities when we sell out the collection. Beyond this, we will be releasing a Phase Two Roadmap detailing future plans, including future collections to raise awareness and proceeds for other charities supporting people with chronic illnesses, merchandise, special charity events, and collaborations with like-minded projects.

Underlying all of our personal aims, is our aim to be front and centre of the movement of women in NFTs & Web3 in general. I believe we are part of something incredible and I can´t wait to drive PUL3E forward and be part of making history!

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