Nanna Schultz on being a mom and new entrepreneur: You DON’T have to work 70 hours a week

Nanna Schultz is a mother of two young girls and she is a new entrepreneur. ARYZE asked her for her best advice for people considering starting their own business.

Nanna Schultz is a new entrepreneur after founding momkind in August 2019. momkind aims to create a safe space for women to talk about pregnancy, birth and motherhood in an open and honest way. It’s also an online community on Facebook and Instagram and it is a webshop that sells postpartum boxes for mothers.

Nanna herself is a mother of two girls, Lilli (2016) and Anine (2018). She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology and has previously worked as a TV hostess, Chief Editor and Talent Manager and is not only a fairly new mother; she is also a brand new entrepreneur. How ever she has had the idea of being one for quite a while.

Nanna Schultz with daughters Lilli and Anine

What made you become an entrepreneur?

I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve thought about starting my own business several times throughout my career, however it wasn’t until momkind came to life that I really felt that I could jump into it – no strings attached.  

What is the biggest learning from starting your own company?

What I have learned so far is that being a perfectionist and an entrepreneur is a horrible mix. Being able to fail and to fail fast and fix it fast is key if you want to be successful. I’m rather attentive to details and every day I remind myself not to get lost in trying to do every little action concerning my business “right”. I’ve seen people pondering the color of their logo for months and spending days writing one email. Get on with it! You WILL make mistakes. That’s how we learn and become better at what we do.

How much do you work and how is your work/life balance?

It differs a lot from week to week. I would say between 30 and 40 hours a week. Part of the decision to quit my corporate job to start my own business was the advantages of the flexibility we would get. I love the fact that I can pick up my girls early and drop them off late if it fits my schedule. My office is located just two minutes from their daycare. I love that.

Then, at night, after the girls are both asleep, I usually spend an hour or two in front of my laptop. Previously, I would have hated that. I would have lacked the sense of purpose. But now it’s something I really enjoy. I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and dive into answering emails, writing articles or researching whatever I’m researching at the moment.

I really try for it not to affect my relationship with my boyfriend. Sometimes that’s difficult, because I’ll be working the whole night. But mostly we always have some time together. That is very important to me.

What has been your biggest mistake so far? What have you learned from the most?

I’m a rather new entrepreneur and I think I’m still on a high from being just that. I’m not really thinking too much about the lack of income and all the “what if’s” just yet. The big mistakes have yet to come, and I know that they will come.

Nanna Schultz, CEO of momkind

You DON’T have to work 70 hours a week.

Top three advice for parents considering starting their own business:

1. This is the most important advice: Make sure that you are aligned with your partner. I would never have started my own business if my boyfriend hadn’t supported me all the way. In the end, his backup meant everything when making the decision to quit my job. Also, your partner might be the one paying for your adventure – at least in the beginning – so look at each other and agree on this at least: We are doing this! It will be amazing!

2. You DON’T have to work 70 hours a week. It’s a common misconception that entrepreneurs work constantly, don’t sleep and live in a basement to make it financially. Moreover, many (men only) have said that you will have to turn your back on family for several years to become successful as your business will consume all of your time and resources. NOT true!

I believe in creating the best work/life balance for YOU. What that means for each of us is different. If you are considering starting your own business then be straight with yourself about why you are doing it and how much you want to work. As my accountant told me: “How much would you like to earn each month?” That is an important question, because that will inevitable take control over how many hours you feel that you’ll have to work.

3. Do it. Really. You can always find a job again. I’ve been in recruiting for the past couple of years, and to have ventured into the uncertainty of starting your own business is a definite plus on your resume. Personally, I feel that, that even though this might fail horribly, I did it. I went with my dream.

Nanna Schultz also took part of the event “Entrepreneur Talk” hosted by ARYZE.

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