Lloyd Wahed (Searching For Mana Podcast) interviews Morten Christorp Nielsen, the creative financial force behind ARYZE.

Lloyd Wahed sat down for a Podcast Episode with Morten Christorp Nielsen to discuss his journey into FinTech, what ARYZE is currently focused on, and some of the most important trends in the financial market. Morten graduated in Economics at Copenhagen University and built a career in finance. He was a portfolio manager already even before graduation at what is currently known as Danske Bank and has always been interested in financial products and capital markets.

Morten was also part of the JP Morgan team, where he worked with hedge funds and long-term capital management. Later on, he became Global Head of Hedge Fund Marketing at UBS until he discovered the groundbreaking possibilities that blockchain could bring upon the financial world.

The idea of tokenization of assets was a game changer for me. I come from capital markets and investments are siloed , most ordinary people really cant invest in things that make sense to them. What if you created a savings scheme for ordinary people to invest in ? How can you save in housing as a young person? – What if you tokenized a residential property and then you start saving in that and then the price starts increasing ? You can benefit from the asset appreciation that you get from that. I want finance to benefit a much broader number of individuals and I believe you can create a financial industry now by combining blockchain technology and Cloud Banking solutions.

This democratization of products can be brought upon by the leverage of technology. At the end of the day is all about keeping the asset secure and there is no other way to do this better than on a distributed ledger. One of the things Morten frequently professes at events is what blockchain technology can do for the facilitation of managing AML and KYC, is that the banks must change back to becoming trusted advisors. People need advice from their banks and they must move away from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric model that provides more tailored solutions.

Tune in to Searching For Mana and listen to Morten´s journey from working at big banks to turning his attention to socially responsible finance. To learn more about Morten, connect with him on Linkedin. If you’d like to read more about crypto, blockchain, and tokenization, check out our blog or visit our website.

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