Jana Bulkin on Integration, Sustainability, and Blockchain’s role in the “New Normal”

ARYZE speaks with Jana Bulkin about her 20 years of experience in the IT sector, integration and sustainability, and Blockchain’s role in the “new normal” after Covid-19

Jana Bulkin is the CIO at IntegrationWorks Asia Co., Ltd, an assistant lecturer at Munich University of Applied Sciences and she started her own business S2Bconnected where she applies her experience and knowledge to startups, SMEs and other businesses. Through S2Bconnected she is able to follow her own curiosity and beliefs in emerging technologies and enables the breakdown of borders and/or silos.

Jana has over 20 years of experience within the IT sector. Her drive and motivation in this field come from her curiosity and desire to always learn and discover new ways to solve problems for businesses. She describes herself as an adopter, as opposed to a scientist, as she looks for solutions and not just new technology. Her solutions encompass having respect for already made investments and finding answers that are always sustainable.

Sustainability and Integration

Sustainability is something that Jana promotes in most of her work. She sees value in integration, working with already existing local organizations, and doing so in a sustainable way.  Jana states that there is importance in creating partnerships and alliances across industries and bringing people together with various experiences and expertise.

Blockchain technology, as Jana emphasizes, helps to decentralize organizations and to ensure accessibility from everybody and everywhere. But she also highlights that accessibility needs to also mean reliability and sustainability with operational models being “scalable, secure, and trustworthy”. For Jana, sustainability, accessibility, and integration compliment each other in their goals:

Integration and accessibility are going along the same thing. As we can see within this current time and the “new normal”, the winners are who provide clear, described interfaces quickly to integrate and solutions accessible from anywhere without limits.

Blockchain, in most cases, naturally supports integration and accessibility and Jana sees potential for its uses as we navigate through the “new normal”.

Blockchain and the “New Normal”

Blockchain’s massive potential is even more apparent now during our “new normal” in the midst of in the aftermath of Covid-19; however, as Jana points out, education is a factor that needs to be taken into account during our time of the “new normal” so people can learn about and understand the technology of Blockchain and its benefits for businesses. In order to do that Jana states,

We need to speed up with education from a best practice and business process understanding point of view. It isn’t enough to let only the technical guru talk about it, because people feel overwhelmed about it.

Jana’s company S2Bconnected together with MorpheusLabs has invested in and has developed a training program which enables individuals to understand the value and technical processes of Blockchain and where and how Blockcahin might make a difference within a company by learning to analyze certain business processes.

Services are the future of our economy, and these services will be integrated and orchestrated dynamically based on agreements e.g. established by smart contracts and hosted in the Blockchain.  

As Jana promotes, ARYZE also sees the benefits in Blockchain technology and seeks to find a sustainable and integrative solutions by creating a secondary eco-system to the already existing banking system that does not exclude already existing financial incumbents. Now is the time to reevaluate what the “new normal” might be for us in terms of financial inclusion and sustainability.

For more information about Jana’s company S2Bconnected visit her webpage https://s2bconnected.com/.

For more insights into integration, accessibility, sustainability, and Blockchain technology, please visit ARYZE’s blog.

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