High quality of networking as Copenhagen sees large interest for the Chinese market

Professionals from all over Copenhagen came together at Copenhagen Fintech Lab on January 18th for an event titled: Entering the Chinese Market. ARYZE, the organizer, had invited some high-profile speakers who shared their rich experiences with doing business in China. Approximately 60 people joined, on a Friday evening, for some casual presentations and networking session.

Sarah Chu of Absortech

The event brought up interesting discussions on how Chinese business culture differs from Nordic culture, and what measures a Danish business could take to adapt. There were questions surrounding Chinese traditional beliefs that could have an impact on ones brand. Following the presentations and debate panel, a networking session took place where professionals could build proverbial bridges between Denmark and China.


Søren Boutrup — Executive Director at Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai where he is setting up collaborations with Danish and Chinese universities, start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses, building innovative entrepreneurial eco-systems and facilitating international sales and negotiation.

Søren Boutrup

Ran Zhao from the Innovation Office at Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai. She helps Danish companies and organizations prosper and scale in China.

Ran Zhao

Johan Hygum Hillers of INDIVIDUALS who is connecting the most ambitious and curious young professionals from Copenhagen to Shanghai, Singapore, London and New York.

Johan Hygum Hillers

Sarah Chu of Absortech is highly active in the Chinese market. Sarah is the former Commercial Officer at Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai and Head of Marketing of ECCO China.

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