EY and ARYZE discussed the use of blockchain technology

EY hosted an event with ARYZE where the challenges that blockchain needs to overcome in order to be used for industries was discussed. Co-founder Carl Jenster also talked about digital cash.

On November 28th more than 100 people gathered in EY Denmark’s impressive offices in Frederiksberg to talk about Blockchain Implementations with a focus on current blockchain implementations on the market, as well as what sort of disruption we will see in the upcoming years.

Carl Jenster presenting at EY

Carl Jenster (ARYZE Co-Founder) and Jakob Heckscher (EY Manager IT Advisory) shared the stage with organizer Raya Slavova (ARYZE Project Manager) and besides the interesting presentations from Hecksher and Jenster the pair also answered great questions from the engaged audience.

Heckscher shared some of the projects that EY has been working on where the Microsoft X-BOX Royalty implementation on Ethereum was a crowd favorite.

ARYZE was introduced by Carl Jenster and some of the use cases for Digital Cash. Finally were discussed before some of the major challenges with distributed ledger technology, relating to scalability and usability of blockchain, was touched upon.

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