Event: ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian to speak at the BOECK Business Convention

On August 25th, ARYZE’s CEO Jack Nikogosian will speak at the Future Tech Business Convention #BOECKBC2 in Copenhagen. Fabian Böck, the event’s organiser, told us a bit about the event, his view on the Copenhagen tech scene, and why he wanted Jack as a speaker. 

Fabian Böck is the organizer and CEO of BOECKBX, a media company organising the Future Tech Business Convention. Based in Germany, he is now travelling with his convention series with the goal of bringing European tech disruptors into conversation with each other. Fabian has asked ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian to speak at the convention. 

The event is designed to break stagnant thought processes and facilitate truly out-of-the-box ideas by people from all segments of the tech sector. Says Fabian: 

Our goal is to break up silos in tech and leverage as much intelligence from the outside as possible. This not only makes technology more accessible across industries and opens up for new synergies, but this shift of perspective also helps us anticipate and take advantage of tomorrow’s tech economy. 

Holding the event in Copenhagen for the first time, Fabian is excited to bring Central European tech leaders together with those in the Nordics: 

Copenhagen is fascinating in several ways: Not only does it feel like the Gateway to the Nordics, it is also the capital of one of the most digitalized countries in the world. We can all learn a lot from your findings in technology and therefore cooperate on multiple business opportunities. 

Fabian asked Jack to speak at #BOECKBC2 due to his immersive, fresh and prominent position within the Danish fintech sector:

Jack crossed my mind as he feels like a true tech rockstar. We look for speakers who are able to serve with a unique perspective on things. Regarding blockchain, one of our panel themes, Jack has ventured into this new sphere unlike any other. People will love his entrepreneurial spirit! 

At #BOECKBC2, Jack will present alongside tech innovators from across Europe. The event costs €15, 100% of which will go to the nonprofit myclimate. For more information or to register for the event, please visit the convention website or connect with Fabian Böck on LinkedIn. For more cool events and insights about tech, entrepreneurship, and finance, please visit ARYZE’s blog.

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