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During the past three years, we have witnessed the explosion of smart contracts, DeFi and NFTs. According to Coingecko, DeFi represents a market cap of $79 billion, as of this writing, while OpenSea´s market accounts for a 1.5 billion market cap. The demand for digital assets keeps surging as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether progressively become more widely accepted for payments.

What does it mean for stablecoins?

At the same time, stablecoins have made significant progress towards being an asset that will maintain their value without future depreciation. Statista indicates that the market cap of stablecoins multiplied over the course of 2021, surpassing 100 billion U.S. dollars by the summer. Stablecoins are on the rise and will play an important role in the future of money, despite increasing regulatory scrutiny and polarized opinions regarding their pros and cons.

Stablecoins and DeFi: bridging DeFi with TradFi

Stablecoins can be used to bridge Decentralized Finance and Traditional Finance by reducing the impact of the crypto market´s volatility. Leading platforms in the industry such as MakerDAO and Aave allow users to take out stablecoin loans against collateral and accrue interest on stablecoin deposits. Volatility can be a deterrent for institutional investors when engaging with DeFi and the overall crypto market, but stablecoins that are tied to sovereign currencies such as USD, give the necessary confidence to use DeFi instruments for operations that may also involve non-crypto assets, connecting the crypto ecosystem with traditional finance.

Digital cash as programmable money

ARYZE´s digital cash is a full-reserve stablecoin backed on credit risk-free backing with central bank deposits and short-term central bank-issued assets. Digital Cash will have all the flexibility, accessibility, and utility of today’s popular stablecoins such as Tether, without the risk, uncertainty, and legal challenges they face. We are bridging the world of regulated money with open-source platforms to secure liquidity that businesses and financial services providers can use to make their systems more efficient, integrate with, and build upon. Additionally, Digital Cash is secure, recognizable, interoperable, and programmable.

The total amount of Value currently locked on the Ethereum protocols is USD 93bn and growing. Digital Cash is issued as ERC-20 Tokens on Ethereum and will be interoperable with other Ethereum based projects and protocols. More blockchains like Ampleforth, Polygon, Cardano and Binance Smart Chain will be added in the future.

Regulating DeFi

Disintermediation or the reduction in the use of intermediaries is ideal for building robust systems, given that it minimizes failure points. However, when it comes to regulations, it proves a challenge to adapt the centralized approach inherent in the act of regulating something, to truly decentralized systems like DeFi protocols.

In general lines, regulatory compliance gives confidence to investors and boosts trust when done properly. But how should regulators approach the task of regulating a decentralized world that is ruled by code and mathematics?

Thoughts and innovative approaches to these questions about the crypto space and way more are shared in this hot panel debate between Gustav Arentoft (MAKER), Niccolo Stewen(AAVE), Lars Seier Christensen (Concordium) Omri Ross (etoro)Ronit Ghose (Citi) and Jack Nikogosian (ARYZE).

ARYZE, MakerDAO, AAVE, E-toro, Concordium and Citi engage in a great debate

DeFi is posed to be the future of money and the huge success of stablecoins can be partly attributed to the opportunities given in DeFi. Fintech Week organized a hot panel debate where ARYZE, MakerDao, Avve, E-toro, Concordium and Citi participated. This was a unique opportunity to learn what the prominent players and trailblazers in the market are creating while innovatively dealing with obstacles.

How to watch the debate

This panel debate is part of Copenhagen Fintech Week and Copenhagen Fintech Lab has given ARYZE´s community a 50% discount on the replay tickets. Tickets can be purchased here, and the discount is applied by typing ‘ARYZE’ as a promo code and then selecting the discounted ticket. Anyone who purchases a ticket will get an individual access link to the event platform Airmeet, where you can go into the schedule tab to watch replays of all the sessions!

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