Building the future: ARYZE´s Roadmap in 2021

This article aims to illustrate ARYZE´s Roadmap in 2021, short-term as well as long-term. We are witnessing the development of revolutionary ecosystems and economic models based on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. More specifically, the explosion of DeFi in 2020 and, more recently, NFTs sitting on an estimated market at $338M.

After a successful late seed funding round we will be launching Digital Cash, a Full-Reserve Stablecoin over the next 3 months. Moreover, ARYZE has identified a perfect partner for exploring opportunities in the DeFi space with significant experience in specially regulated DeFi solutions and platforms.

Short-term strategy

We will collaborate with an existing bank to launch Digital Cash and simultaneously issue our RYZE tokens on a regulated securities exchange. We believe that launching our stablecoin solution on a regulated crypto currency exchange in partnership with a trusted bank combined with our full reserve banking model is an optimal short-term Go-to- market approach. Once we have materialised our concept of programmable money, we will proceed to make use of our academies, universities and various community partnerships.

Funding and the RYZE token

We are proud to announce that our interim funding is 100% completed, breaking the record as the fastest funding ever closed on the Danish Investor´s Network KEYSTONES and exceeding our target expectations with an oversubscription of 29%. 

The potential of this industry is astronomical. The cost of moving money,  both domestically and internationally, represents an approximate $2 trillion prize. Having closed our interim funding only validates ARYZE´s solid business model.

I am very interested in sustainability and impact investments, particularly within fintech. I was fascinated by the concept´s ability to disrupt fragmented and inefficient payment systems. Most importantly for me is the vital impact ARYZE will have on significantly reducing remittance fees.

Per Frederiksen, Investor KEYSTONES

We are now preparing to launch our RYZE token, issue it on strategic exchanges, and explore raising funds through exchange offers. RYZEnet and MAMA are designed to support multiple currencies and assets, and our native interoperability means we are blockchain agnostic, giving us a strong value proposition in the market. 

Also, we will provide access to secondary market trading directly in the MAMA app. As mentioned before, there is exponential growth in decentralized finance, tokenized assets, and other blockchain-based solutions. More experienced crypto investors can ask for transfers of individual RYZE tokens to an existing personal crypto wallet, from where they have full control over the ERC-20 token if they are interested in using the RYZE token outside of the MAMA app, or prior to its launch.

Off-chain custody services for smaller holdings or RYZE tokens will eventually be tradable directly in MAMA against prices set by a liquidity provider (transfer agent) providing prices directly from the exchange. For the short-term, RYZE tokens will be made available for institutional investors that can trade on Archax and other regulated STO exchanges.

As a regulated security instrument, RYZE will initially list on securities exchanges, and from here, we will build broker-dealer feeders that can offer two-way prices for retail. By taking this approach, we can ensure that our token is not only available on random crypto exchanges but can also be made available for regular folks on retail services like etoro or Robin Hood.


Throughout the next 12 months (long-term), ARYZE will develop, integrate and scale a fully compliant ARYZE DeFi environment as an integrated part of the overall business strategy regarding Digital Cash. Niklas Peyk, our new Head of Blockchain & DeFi will spearhead this process by advancing the right mechanics of incentives that will add value to the ecosystem and the overall tokenomics fundamentals. The aim is to enable Digital Cash to become liquid in a regulated and controlled fashion.

Thanks to our hybrid investment structure, we can separate the development of asset values building on the balance sheet of ARYZE from the company´s short and medium-term business potential. RYZE tokens can potentially also be used as collateral in so-called Staking models, where investors are using RYZE tokens as collateral for borrowing funds, a very fast-growing and very profitable part of the token industry.

By staking, traders can diversify their income stream and monetize their idle funds on exchanges. Our model is built on repaid ”dividends” to investors (token holders) based on a revenue-sharing model in which 50% of our turnover or gross profit is divided equally between ARYZE and token holders to a burn mechanism where ARYZE buys back tokens in open market operations and burn/destroy them. The burning mechanism effectively removes tokens from the available supply, increasing its relative scarcity. In other words, these types of distribution payments are similar to dividend payments to shareholders through share buyback schemes.

Bank acquisition

The upcoming strategic acquisition of banks into our roadmap can likely ensure back-end access to the UK market and a long list of potentially interesting use cases domestically and among smaller countries in The Commonwealth. Our goal is to utilize the acquisition to issue proxy USD and proxy EURO stablecoins and, at the same time, secure our backend longer term by having our credit risk-free bank infrastructure.

Go-To-Market strategy

The $2.07 Trillion crypto market cap continues to grow and signals the largest client acquisition game since Facebook and Google in an industry with much higher profit potential. There is a fundamental transformation in money and payments, pushed by digitalisation. With the ever increasing use of digital assets, especially in finance, we are entering a period of real competition between central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and their private counterparts, primarily stablecoins.

ARYZE offers the closest thing to a CBDC without it being issued by a central bank. Moreover, it will be a safe digital representation of sovereign assets, unlike Tether – The USD stablecoin (USDT) pegged to USD. The crypto market certainly deserves better than USDT/Tether, and at ARYZE we will deliver a true digital representations of sovereign assets (fiat) with our Digital Cash stablecoins representing almost entirely credit risk free backing with central bank deposits, and short-term central bank issued assets.

Our Go-To-market strategy and execution will play a central role in scaling and will be essential for establishing ourselves as forerunners in the industry. 

The incentive to start using Digital Cash will come from the savings, features, and inherent benefits that our technology brings to corporations. Our market strategy has three fundamental pillars: community, corporate, and people.

Our Community aims to generate awareness and use-cases. It entails partnerships with numerous fintech labs, partnerships with leading universities worldwide, memberships with different financial associations as well as working with essential service providers like IBM, Onfido and Episode Six. In addition, the ARYZE Ambassador program enhances the pillar of the community through events and enriches the talent pool necessary to develop, execute and implement new solutions.

The Corporate aspect aims to integrate and scale. It addresses the needs of NGOs, Corporate Businesses, and Retail. From Global Aid to Corporate accounts and Traceability, this pilar in our Go-To-Market strategy is essential to ARYZE´s success.

The People pillar in our strategy aims to incentivize individuals. The key motivators gravitate towards enhancing salaries, rewards, modules, and opportunities. Overall, we strongly believe that our efforts with university corporations, our ARYZE Ambassador Network, and the overall ARYZE Community will bring us ahead of any emerging competition. 


We have stellarly completed 100% of our interim funding, breaking records at KEYSTONES as the fastest closing funding ever and the funding round was 29% oversubscribed. Our short-term and long-term Go-to market strategies complement each other seamlessly and we clearly find ourselves closer than ever to revolutionizing the payments industry. Still, Rome was not built in a day, as the saying goes, nor was the payments industry with its many regulations. Therefore, we will focus on the careful selection of the exchanges to issue our tokens as well as acquiring the proper bank that will ensure our backend and risk-free bank infrastructure. Now that the interim funding is fully completed, we will proceed to our banking acquisition and private testing with businesses that need our solutions. 

NGOs will be prioritised in the beginning. In line with our mission and vision, inspired by the SDGs 9, 10, and 16. We will develop MVP on-site testing in collaboration with ISOBRO, which serves as the umbrella organization for NGOs.

We are paving the way for innovative financial solutions and feel very proud of our achievements. Both breaking the record as the fastest funding on Keystones and soon acquiring a bank after only 2 years of completing the first successful Danish ICO, which itself is a lengthy process that usually takes more years.

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