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ARYZE is delighted to welcome Chimedza Sipho to our content team as part of its new Content Ambassador Program. We are currently developing a team of dedicated writers worldwide, focusing on the African, Asian, and South American regions. The initiative is meant as a symbiosis between writers and ARYZE, where we empower writers with a platform to build and grow their own audiences while providing ARYZE with high-quality content that centers around the local stories of their regions. This creates a win-win scenario for both writers and ARYZE.

Sipho is a social analyst and commentator interested in Africa and its subsequent sectors, i.e., financial services and fintech products, alleviating poverty through inclusion. He is also a freelance writer and editor of contemporary proses and short stories that enunciate the marginalized topics within the African space. Sipho is also a qualified Surveyor and Geomatician, having obtained his degree in that field of study at the Midlands State University, specializing in the scope of industrialization of Africa through improved infrastructure, governance, and resource equity.

There are plenty of opportunities to write about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Crypto, Blockchain, and Entrepreneurship with a dedicated angle on your location. Being an ARYZE Content Ambassador is a great way to learn about the fintech industry through an awarded Danish Start-up while growing your audience and network with relevant global figures within finance, technology, and the regulatory space.

Sipho is originally from Zimbabwe, and he will work under the editorial management of Amana Alkali. Together they will deliver impactful stories about the African Tech Market, SME´s, SDGs, and Entrepreneurship. Writing for ARYZE will help you understand the importance of the 4th industrial revolution and become acquainted with life-changing ideas that will define the future. The backbone of our content is the SDGs: 9, 10, and 16, as well as covering current affairs that are highly relevant in finance, technology, and regulations.

Africa is known to have one of the most vibrant and emerging forces of youth globally, most of which venture into entrepreneurship through Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to form the core of the continent’s economic base. With a growing population of 1.2 billion people crested on the back of the youngest population globally, blockchain opportunities in Africa are set to expand continually.

To understand the kind of African stories we are interested in portraying, you can gain inspiration from our Live Linkedin Talk with the CEO of South African-based Coronet Blockchain, Shadrack Kubyane.

To learn more about ARYZE and the Content Ambassador Program, please reach out to our Communications Manager, Robin Gonzalez Kristensen, at [email protected] or reach out to Amana Alkali. You can also visit our blog to learn more about blockchain, crypto, and SDGs. Check out our latest article and please comment and share it with your network.

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