ARYZE’s Ambassador Program: Building the Next Generation of Fintech Projects

Peter G. Mikkelsen talks about his vision for ARYZE’s ambassador program, his history in the crypto space and his journey leading to joining ARYZE.

ARYZE’s ambassador program is designed to support innovative people to develop the next generation of fintech projects. Anyone with an idea is welcome to apply, and ARYZE will offer them the platform and support to develop both their idea and their skills. The goal for these ambassadors is to eventually launch their projects within ARYZE’s wide-ranging financial ecosystem as modules within MAMApay. Says program director Peter Mikkelsen:

The ambassador program is an opportunity for anyone that wants to impact the future of global finance. If you always had an idea about an application, a solution, or a module, or something completely else, we’re able to help you integrate it into our ecosystem and give you a ton of resources, such as networking opportunities, education to strengthen skills, or just encouragement and a high-five. 

We aim to position ambassadors at the core of the financial future, so that they have the skills, tools and platform to develop game-changing ideas. Currently, there are twenty-two ambassadors, with plans to scale the program to forty participants by the end of April. ARYZE ambassadors range from students to senior professionals and hail from all different continents and backgrounds. They are now working on eight ambitious projects, with focuses as varied as leveraging fintech to clean up the earth, hindering corruption in Armenia, teaching financial literacy, and slowing the spread of the coronavirus. 

Mikkelsen himself has been involved in the crypto space since 2013. He was working at the NYC Bitcoin Center when they began to launch crypto projects on a global scale, directly mentored by Nick Spanos to which he owes the credit of getting him involved in the industry. He has maintained his enthusiasm for the disruptive potential of crypto and digital currencies ever since. Mikkelsen believes ARYZE has the power to boost that potential on a global scale by streamlining the blockchain and financial industry:  

I’ve always believed that one of the biggest issues regarding our blockchain industry as a whole is user friendliness of the applications. I believe that ARYZE has a leading product and I believe that they will win the game of creating the number one app, the Venmo to end all Venmos, the Mobile Pay to end all Mobile Pays, and basically unite all the different financial markets. At the same time, the modularity of MAMA enables so many integrations of the already existing best practices and solutions of the financial world and I just can’t wait for it to be launched.

As for Mikkelsen’s favourite thing about working at ARYZE?: 

The team. When I met Jack, who has a proven track record within the industry, and I encountered his drive and dedication to win, along with the rest of the ARYZE team,I began to believe that this is a winning project and originally joined as an advisor. As the company evolved, I couldn’t help but get further involved.

To join that team, please email [email protected] with a CV and cover letter explaining why you want to be an ARYZE ambassador. For more insights into ARYZE, please visit our website and blog.

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