ARYZE wins Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer Award

ARYZE has been selected by Corporate Vision Magazine as the Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer of Europe, part of the Technology Innovator Awards 2020.

Corporate Vision Magazine announced ARYZE as the winner of the Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer Award 2020. The ARYZE team is very excited to have been recognized for its innovative work in the industry.

Honored to receive Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer Awards

Since 2017, ARYZE has been developing solutions that will enable customers to experience new and frictionless ways of managing their money. ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian is grateful to have received an award that acknowledges ARYZE as the most innovative financial ecosystem developer:

It’s not often that one would associate banking and finance with innovation. However with the rise of digital money, many of the hurdles to work with finance have been lifted, paving the way for companies like ours to innovate. Our digital cash solution is intended to be a representation of money that can flow outside of the traditional financial ecosystems, much more efficiently than today, and we are absolutely honored on receiving an award for being the most innovative financial ecosystem developer in Europe.

– Jack Nikogosian, CEO of ARYZE

ARYZE is changing the payments industry. Through the creation of a highly innovative financial ecosystem, barriers between different payments systems will be removed. Users of ARYZE’s services will experience great efficiency in handling their finances and the unlimited possibilities smart money has to offer. With ARYZE’s Digital Cash, transfers can be made real-time and without the costs of today. 

Banking will take on a different meaning with ARYZE. ARYZE’s bank accounts, running on cloud-native banking software, do not only connect with traditional banking trails, but will also open up the world to blockchain solutions. This technology is emerging rapidly and offers users huge potential to customize digital accounts and carry out all kinds of financial activities.

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ARYZE also chooses a different approach to KYC processes to make finance more accessible to the 1.7 financially excluded. Through the offer of different tiers in financial services, ARYZE has created a smart approach to onboarding the unbanked. The size of deposits customers will bring is of unimportance and will not hinder individuals from opening up a bank account with the ARYZE bank. This system is fair, inclusive and improves lives.

Transparency, inclusivity, innovation, and diversity are some of ARYZE’s core values and will be made tangible through all its operations. Customers can trust that provided solutions are secure and safe to use. One of the main ways this is made evident, is through the full-reserve banking model that ARYZE bases its services on. Every digital dollar issued on ARYZE’s financial platform, will be backed up 1-to-1 in the central banks. This makes the financial ecosystem not only highly innovative, but also extremely secure. Market and credit risk will not exist within ARYZE’s infrastructure.

ARYZE is therefore truly grateful to have received the award for being the Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer by Corporate Vision Magazine.

A growing list of accolades

ARYZE won the People’s Choice award at SDG Tech Awards 2019

The Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer Award is the latest accolade for ARYZE. In 2020 the ARYZE CEO was also listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Finance in Europe.

A list of ARYZE’s awards and achievements:

• First successful Danish ICO
• CEO on Forbes 30 under 30 (2020)
• CEO on Top 100 Talent list in DK (2019)
• Top 10 best upcoming fintech in Europe 2019 (Fintech50)
• Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer – Europe (Technology Innovator Awards 2020)
• Top 50 Nordic Impact Company (The One Initiative 2019)
• People’s Choice (SDG Tech Awards 2019)
• Best New Danish Startup (Copenhagen Fintech Week 2018)

To learn more about what ARYZE does, please visit our website. More articles on innovation, diversity, and inclusion can be found on ARYZE’s blog.

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