ARYZE took part of the Nordic innovative digital solutions in Africa

ARYZE participated in the “Nordic innovative digital solutions in Africa” event hosted the Africa Innovation Network in cooperation with the Danish Chamber of Commerce on the 4th of December. The seminar focused on how to do business in Africa and allowed for companies doing business in Africa, investors, diplomats, experts and other relevant people with a focus on sustainable impact business in Africa to mingle and learn from each other. 

President of the Danish Chamber of Commerce Brian Mikkelsen welcomed all participants and spoke about business opportunities for Danish companies in Africa. Before different companies like nClude, Sandberg Ltd., Africa Reframed, Unumed, Eldoncard and JamiiPay presented their business model, Nordekon Consult Sarah Skou and CEO Flemming Sørensen presented facts and figures about Africa.

Africa is becoming an interesting new market according to Nordekon as they shared that the middle class will rise. In 2025 1.23 billion people will be above the poverty line and statistics shows that the continent has a very young population. At the same time, the internet penetration of Africa will rise to 65% in 2022.

ARYZE is a Danish company founded in Copenhagen in August 2017 with a vision to create an ecosystem that is built on transparency and trust. An ecosystem that will benefit both businesses and consumers. We want to pave the way for a faster, smarter and cheaper financial ecosystem by building the bridge between the traditional world and cryptocurrency. Find out more about us on our website and blog.

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