ARYZE took part of the 2019 Innovation Roundtable Summit

ARYZE was part Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019. Speakers from IKEA, Spotify and many other large companies shared their thoughts on innovation and transformation.

Innovation Roundtable facilitates connections between innovation managers, in a setting where they can learn about best practices from executive speakers, discuss selected innovation topics, and share experiences with peers. The Copenhagen conference is for multinational firms and aims to provide a unique source of inspiration and new ideas for managers, helping them create an even stronger foundation for innovation in their companies.

ARYZE was selected by Copenhagen Capacity to take part as a startup as one of the interesting companies from Copenhagen being able to showcase our solution. It was a good experience to mingle with MakeImpact, 2021.AI and leapcraft and to learn about their solutions as well as their progress.

One of the talks was provided by Nabeela Ixtabalan from IKEA sharing her thoughts on building organisational capabilities for digital transformation with sustainability and social mission in mind. Earlier Marcin Floryan from Spotify talked about how to think less of specific practices and more of principles and organisational context when adopting agile.

“Autonomy isn’t a benefit; it’s an expectation of responsibility”

Marcin Floryan, Spotify – Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019

The Director of Engineering at Spotify asked the audience which level their company really is at transparency and if they knew what their leaders are working on in what areas. His message was that you have to define the direction in which you are heading. He also shared that Spotify focuses not on money, but on the customer experience and that is why they keep their company so transparent.

Nabeela Ixtabalan, IKEA

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