ARYZE signs MOU with the Organization Department of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) to enhance fintech and blockchain research

Recently, ARYZE has started a collaboration with the Department of Organization of Copenhagen Business School (CBS). By signing the MOU, the two parties are intentional in creating value for students and ARYZE. In this instance, this means furthering the research on fintech and blockchain. CBS and ARYZE  are developing a collaboration to raise general awareness of fintech and Blockchain Technologies’ potential and their application within the business markets in the Danish and global economy.  This could be accomplished through workshops, training courses, events, educational seminar opportunities for CBS students, faculty, staff, and the broader community in the Copenhagen area.

Likewise, ARYZE  could contribute its thought leadership to aid CBS in structuring courses in Blockchain Technologies and fintech. By supporting universities, ARYZE helps to build the next generation of fintech professionals. Primarily, ARYZE aids universities by empowering students to advance their fintech careers. Collaborations such as these aim to encourage the overall development and innovation in the tech space.  

ARYZE’s Community Manager, Peter Mikkelsen explains :

We are proud to be developing a collaboration with the leading business school in the Nordics and a triple crown university. Research and talent development is pivotal for the prosperity of our industry.  This MOU marks the progress of what could be a long-term collaboration between our two organizations, which can bring the latest fintech research and career opportunities to CBS students.

The CBS side of the collaboration is led by Jack Kværnø-Jones, a Ph.D. fellow at the Department of Organization, contributing to the CBS doctoral school in Organization and Management Studies with 30 Ph.D. students enrolled. Jack is exploring how contemporary developments in the fintech ecosystem shape the organization of industry participants and infrastructures in the Danish financial sector. Within his Ph.D. research, Jack will be following Aryze as an interesting and relevant case-study of a company pushing for change in banking and payments.

The developing collaboration is inspiring as it could assist students towards a potential career within fintech and enhance the understanding of the vibrant fintech landscape. ARYZE is enthusiastic about onboarding universities as these initiatives will have vast long-term benefits for the entire ecosystem. By investing in the next generation of fintech professionals, companies like ARYZE can benefit from the holistic innovation taking place in the industry. Only through collaborating with each other in the tech space development can accelerate, and quality can improve. It is crucial to unlock young professionals’ potential and equip them with the right tools to bring the industry forward in the best direction possible.

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