ARYZE signs MOU with International Business Institute at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences to build Fintech Lab.

As of recently, ARYZE has started a collaboration with Faculty of International Business Studies at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, located in the Netherlands. By signing the MOU, the two parties are intentional in creating value for both students and ARYZE. In this instance, this means building a fintech lab at the IBS faculty, and providing different fintech tracks within the honors program for highly ambitious students.  

By supporting universities, ARYZE helps to build the next generation of fintech professionals. Students from different faculties will also learn to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills by developing modules that can be integrated within the ARYZE app. This is part of ARYZE’s B2B2C strategy, where ARYZE is seeking professionals from all over the world to develop modules for the MAMA (Multi-Asset Modular App) banking application.  

Essentially, ARYZE helps universities by equipping students to build their fintech careers. With these developed fintech skills, students then explore different use-cases for modules which adds great value to our product offering. Collaborations such as these are to support the development and innovation in the tech space.  

As ARYZE’s community manager Peter Mikkelsen mentions:  

Research and talent development are pinnacles for the success of our industry. This partnership will mark the beginning of a long term collaboration between our two organizations which will bring the latest fintech research and career opportunities to the IBS students of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.  

The collaboration sparked interest for the IB faculty as it could help students towards a potential career within fintech. By offering a comprehensive set of fintech tracks within the honors program, students can explore the rapidly evolving industry from a business perspective. By offering hands-on projects, classes, and network opportunities, students will be off to a great start. With the right support, the program is expected to set students apart when it comes to an understanding of the fintech landscape. They will experience how to present themselves, network, apply knowledge and skills, and will learn to analyze the main trends happening in the space today.   

Once students have finished the offered tracks, they will already have positioned themselves successfully in the industry, which will make all the difference for them in the future. The team of lecturers who are responsible on the university side are excited to move this collaboration forward and offer students something of true value for their careers. As Drs. Samuel Guane Ackah, finance lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences says:  

With this collaboration, we can fill the practical gap that often exists between education and the industry – the business world. Through the initiatives we are bringing to our university in partnership with ARYZE, we aim to enable students to capture the many aspects to business innovation and the rapidly evolving fintech industry. This partnership also serves as a win-win strategy for ARYZE and HU IIBS developing and nurturing talents for the business world. 

Over the past couple of weeks, the honors program within the IBS institute has kicked off and onboarded a diverse group of ambitious students. During the coming months, the students will experience some of ARYZE’s courses on fintech and entrepreneurship, while they will also expand their professional network to meet professionals from the industry & learn what’s going on in the fintech space today.

ARYZE is enthusiastic about onboarding universities as these initiatives will have huge long-term benefits for the whole ecosystem. By investing in the next generation of fintech professionals, companies like ARYZE can benefit from the holistic innovation taking place in the industry. Only through collaborating with each other in the tech space, development can accelerate and quality can improve. It is crucial to unlock the potential of young professionals and equip them with the right tools needed to bring the industry forward in the best direction possible.

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