ARYZE presented Corporate Solutions at Computerworld Blockchain Conference

ARYZE Co-Founder, Carl Jenster, gave a talk on how ARYZE will provide major savings on payments for businesses with global supply-chains.

On March 21st, ARYZE was invited to give a presentation on the upcoming business solutions that are planned for release in 2020. Computerworld hosted the conference on Blockchain Technology and the future of payments, in Copenhagen. Carl Jenster presented among speakers from NETSCoinifyIBMBird & BirdPwCEuropean Blockchain CenterBlockNordicthe Alexandra Institute, and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

This was a conference that was geared towards industry professionals and businesses seeking solutions to the high fees that are present in the current global payments networks. The topics discussed were Anti-Money Laundering regulations/initiatives surrounding blockchain payments, stablecoins, GDPR, innovative platforms like IBM World Wire, Stellar, and ARYZE, and the research required for engineering new markets through blockchain.

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