ARYZE partners with Episode Six to launch a state-of-the-art banking solution

ARYZE has signed a partnership with financial technology provider Episode Six to unlock possibilities for more efficient and secure payment transfers.

ARYZE has announced its newest partnership with Episode Six, a next-generation financial technology provider that enables financial institutions, fintechs and other innovative companies to create differentiated financial and payments products. As part of the mission to create a bridge between traditional finance and modern payments, ARYZE will license Episode Six’s technology to build propositions targeted toward non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The partnership will allow for solutions to run on highly secure and efficient cloud-based financial technology.

Over the past year, the ARYZE team has developed a sophisticated product offering and business strategy to ensure long-term success. Earlier this year, ARYZE agreed upon collaboration with a Danish umbrella organization for NGOs, including members like Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. Both parties signed a letter of intent, which enables members of the organization to use ARYZE’s payment products. NGOs will greatly benefit from offered solutions as they now will be able to make international money transfers in real-time and at reduced costs, through a streamlined financial ecosystem and the elimination of middle-men.  

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian comments on having Episode Six as partners:

By working with Episode Six, we are able to launch a state-of-the-art banking solution, hosted at trusted data centers around the world. We can launch a solution that works within the traditional world of banking and finance, yet is built natively for the cloud, adding all the benefits from not being bound to legacy systems. ARYZE will create a digital banking environment that is not only safe and secure, but is extremely scalable across various jurisdictions, because of the ability to separate currency ledgers in different hosting environments.

Partnership for better banking solutions

The partnership has both parties engaged in the creation of a transformational product offering, one that has been unseen in the financial ecosystem as we know it today, and will unlock possibilities for more efficient and secure payment transfers.

Episode Six CEO John Mitchell shares his enthusiasm for supporting ARYZE’s proposition:

We’re looking forward to collaborating with ARYZE, a highly regarded European company that has set out to solve complex global financial challenges and offer innovative solutions to organizations that are making a difference. Our technology offers the nimbleness companies like ARYZE are looking for in order to innovate and ultimately deliver financial products that customers demand in an evolving market landscape.

As interoperability forms the core to ARYZE’s proposition, it is essential to work with a technology provider that can offer such a system. Episode Six provides a comprehensive set of more than 500 APIs to facilitate a higher level of innovation and customization. Its global solution has the capability to handle different languages, currencies and country-specific regulatory requirements, as well as flexible cloud or on-premise hosting options. 

Partnership signed to bring Digital Cash into the world

With this partnership signed, ARYZE is ready to bring Digital Cash into the world. Here, NGOs will be the first users of ARYZE’s customized solutions, offered through the MAMA ecosystem, a payments platform that uses smart, programmable money. Over time, ARYZE will onboard both non- and for-profit organizations, working nationally and internationally, as well as individual end-users. NGOs and (large) corporations will benefit from ARYZE’s customized product offerings, while the individual user will experience great interoperability within their digital bank accounts with ARYZE.

Partnership to bring digital cash into the world

Nikogosian argues the significance ARYZE has to bring:

Digital Cash is going to have an enormously positive effect on the world, and with a backend built on technology by Episode Six, we can ensure to create a solution that can operate in the traditional world of finance. Digital Cash will function in the MAMA ecosystem offered by ARYZE. With our interoperability features, users can even issue Digital Cash to third-party blockchains, currently on Ethereum. This combination makes sure that Digital Cash can operate both in the traditional world of finance, and in the future world of digital money. 

ARYZE’s strategic choice of collaborating with the cloud-based financial technology provider will support its mission to create a digital representation of cash and having it run on a seamlessly operating platform. The financial technology provided by Episode Six will not only enable a successful market-entry, but will also provide scalability and adaptability to new trends, habits and technologies going forward. It will make ARYZE’s products secure, customized and built for the future. 

About Episode Six

Episode Six provides a next-generation financial technology platform for creating innovative and differentiated financial and payments products for consumers and businesses, enabling financial institutions, fintechs and other innovative companies to serve their customers better. Episode Six was founded by payments pioneers with the mission of redefining what is possible in the financial services and payments industries – industries that are increasingly burdened with inflexible legacy technology, which severely limits product evolution and innovation.

Episode Six’s proprietary, innovative software platform technology was built from scratch using state-of-the-art technology, and was architected to be future-proofed. It provides unparalleled product customization and on-demand product management capabilities. It is portable and compatible for use anywhere in the world with easy installation, integration and connection facilitated by an extensive and comprehensive set of APIs. Episode Six makes it possible for companies of all sizes to effortlessly design and manage products that consumers and businesses want and need. For more information, visit

About ARYZE 

ARYZE is building Digital Cash; secure and programmable money that is backed 1-to-1 in the Central Bank. Our programmable money enables users to make fast and costless payments, wherever they are. Through the interoperability of ARYZE’s platform, developers can build smart-contract solutions and highly innovative modules that speak with one another. The opportunities on the platform are endless and will shape the payments industry of the future.

ARYZE’s work is aimed to solve four pillars: credit and market risk, financial exclusion, remittances, and anti-money laundering. The company actively seeks to bring change to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals numbers 9, 10, and 16.

In recognition of its work, ARYZE has been featured in all major Danish publications as well as numerous prominent international media platforms. In 2019, the company closed the first successful ICO in Danish history. In the same year, it was named as both a Top 50 Nordic Impact Company and one of the Ten Most Promising Fintechs in Europe by Fintech50. It also won the People’s Choice Award at the SDG Tech Awards. ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian was listed as a top 100 talent in Denmark, and was a finalist for Founder of the Year at the 2019 Nordic Startup Awards, where ARYZE was also a contender for Best Fintech Startup. In 2020 he was part of the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list.  

For more information about ARYZE, keep an eye on our blog, where we will soon publish more exciting content about ARYZE’s mission, current operations, and latest news.

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