ARYZE launches Security Token Offering to finance global payments business

ARYZE is launching an STO (Security Token Offering) with the purpose of raising 29 million USD to revolutionize the way payments are done today by introducing Digital Cash.

ARYZE launches STO - Security Token Offering
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Award-winning, Copenhagen-based ARYZE sets out to create the payment infrastructure of the future allowing for instant and smart money transfers at next to zero cost. Built on distributed ledger technology, Digital Cash will provide an easy-to-use, inclusive, transparent and fully compliant platform for individual users and businesses alike to save time and fees, proposing a modern solution to the current inefficient payments systems.

Having completed the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Danish history in January 2019, ARYZE will raise 29 million USD to take their Digital Cash solution to the global market in Q1 2020 by conducting a regulated Security Token Offering (STO).

ARYZE targets a multi-trillion dollar, global market opportunity, where distributed ledger technology enables a significantly reduced time to market, lowered transaction costs and increased interoperability for payments. ARYZE builds end-user payment and cash management products on top of the Digital Cash ecosystem, with both corporate and individual clients in mind.

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian (left) and ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen (right)


ARYZE’s first funding round made Danish history as more than 250 investors contributed 1.6 million USD in the first successful and fully compliant ICO out of Denmark. Accredited and qualified investors, capable of investing at least 100.000 USD or 100.000 Euro in a single investment opportunity, are able to invest in the ARYZE STO, in accordance with international prospectus and security offering regulations.

“The ARYZE STO is a regulated offering that enables professional investors from all over the world to take part in our unique journey. Through a buy-back and burn mechanism in our token structure, we can ensure attractive distribution of revenues to all token holders, and separate the distribution of revenues from ARYZE accounts, which normally is not possible.

The market opportunity for Digital Cash is tremendous and our team is giving utmost care to every aspect of the project. However, it is all in the details — we are prepared to provide a great deal of insight into our ambitious plan to provide the world with a state-of-the-art payments gateway with virtually no transaction fees.”

— Morten Nielsen, ARYZE CFO and co-founder
ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen


ARYZE has presented in USA, Asia and all over Europe and is a member of communities such as the Copenhagen Fintech Association, Emerging Payments Association in London and Singapore Fintech Association. Having presented the project to a large number of investors, ARYZE has received excellent feedback — especially regarding the tokenomics of the project.

“For almost a decade, the world has tried to understand the mechanisms of blockchain, the effects of cryptocurrencies, and the challenges associated. The technology is indeed disruptive, and as we are on the cusp of a digital revolution, the time has never been better. Many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects do not take into consideration the requirements of governments, businesses, and enterprises, but rather wish to create something brand new, unseen, and often unrelatable.

ARYZE, on the other hand, has a different mission. We want to bridge a gap that today exists between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. We bring a stable, digital solution which is familiar for users and regulators alike, and with mechanisms that ensure transparency, stability, and scalability like never before.”

— Jack Nikogosian, ARYZE CEO and founder


As well as being a part of global communities, ARYZE works in collaboration with world-class technology providers, trusted data centers, legal partners and auditors, such as the Big Four. With these partnerships, ARYZE firmly believes that the structures are in place to innovate the payment industry and greatly improve the livelihoods of millions of individuals.

Not only will ARYZE help businesses save up to 80% on the management of their payments, but it will also help the 800 million people living off of remittances, where an astounding 42 billion USD is lost in fees each year.

The time for change is now — by treading the line between modern and traditional, ARYZE seeks to provide a compliant solution to stagnating, legacy payment systems and financial exclusion.


  • The ARYZE STO will launch summer 2019
  • Target is to reach 29 million USD
  • Only professional investors and people who took part in the ARYZE ICO can take part

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