ARYZE & JP partner to share insights into the digital economy

ARYZE has partnered with JP Fund Services (JPFS), an international investment firm headquartered in Switzerland, serving both private and public clients since 2005. JPFS produces and provides impactful content and insights regarding the digital assets landscape.

ARYZE will kickstart a new kind of newsletter (ARYZE Insider) tailored to existing shareholders and the general public who want to learn more about the company on a general basis while simultaneously keeping themselves informed on the most important events shaping the new digital economy. The ARYZE Insider will be sent bi-weekly, supplemented by a Telegram video produced by ARYZE, including general company updates, important announcements and brief commentary on the news by JPFS.  

The Digital Economy is already with us. Despite unclear regulations, minimal security of funds and a shortage of audited investment programs concern many investors and prevent them from participating in digital assets, but that is changing fast.

Adam Hill, Co-CEO JPFS

JPFS  is aligned with our fundamental values of respect for everyone´s money, trust and transparency. Their dedicated financial experts have their fingers on the rapid beating pulse of the digital assets market, and their contribution is highly valuable to ARYZE. This partnership will improve the frequency and quality of our content and communications by providing a 360 degree overview of the Digital Economy.

 The ARYZE Insider newsletter is part of our external communication efforts and JPFS will help us boost it with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the digital assets field. We are excited about this partnership and hope that our content and external communications become even more meaningful to our audience.

Robin G. Kristensen, Communications Manager ARYZE

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