ARYZE Partners with Nordic Blockchain Association to Foster Growth in the Nordics

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ARYZE is proud to announce its recent community partnership with the Nordic Blockchain Association (NBA). This collaboration aims to combine the expertise of both entities with a shared dedication to the growth and adoption of blockchain technology within the Nordic financial ecosystem and beyond.

ARYZE’s commitment to innovation finds resonance in its active engagement with the Nordic Blockchain Association’s initiatives. ARYZE actively contributed to this year’s Nordic Blockchain Conference, which is NBA’s flagship event connecting experts, thought leaders, policymakers, and innovators from various sectors to discuss and shape the future of blockchain in finance. Through various panel debates, ARYZE highlighted its ongoing initiatives and valuable insights on CBDCs, programmable money, crypto exchanges, and WEB3 strategies, which you can learn more about here. In addition, ARYZE also previously participated in the NBA’s summer networking event with a focus on institutional investments and the role of stablecoins, further underscoring ARYZE’s dedication to thought leadership and community engagement in the fintech industry.

Reflecting on the collaboration and its impact, CEO and Co-founder of ARYZE, Jack Nikogosian, comments, “We at ARYZE are ecstatic to embark on this journey with the Nordic Blockchain Association. Our objective of reshaping the global financial landscape aligns seamlessly with their vision. This collaboration signifies our commitment to deploying innovative, blockchain-powered solutions. We are excited about the transformative leverage this would add to ARYZE, and look forward to a successful partnership.”

Echoing this enthusiasm, CEO of the Nordic Blockchain Association, Jakob Mikkel Hansen, stated,

“We are thrilled to welcome ARYZE to our community. Their vision for a more inclusive financial world aligns perfectly with our mission at the Nordic Blockchain Association. Both organizations recognize the unparalleled potential of blockchain in the quest to change things for the better. With the founders and the ARYZE team bringing decades of experience, this partnership provides a lot of value and knowledge to the Nordic Blockchain Association ecosystem. Through this collaboration, we aim to harness this potential to create real-world solutions that drive positive change."

The partnership between ARYZE and the Nordic Blockchain Association showcases a shared dedication between two entities deeply rooted in their commitment to revolutionizing the world of finance through blockchain. As they continue to build on the current momentum, this collaboration is anticipated to be a driving force for innovation – drawing the Nordic fintech community closer to a more integrated, blockchain-empowered future.

About Nordic Blockchain Association (NBA)

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Nordic Blockchain Association (NBA) is a non-for profit organisation facilitating the largest professional web3 network in the nordics. NBA unites thought leaders and businesses through memberships, regulatory work and events.

The mission of Nordic Blockchain Association is to drive the responsible and sustainable growth of blockchain technology. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we aim to advance the development of supportive legislation, infrastructure and a vibrant ecosystem that empowers and harnesses the full potential of blockchain in the nordics. 

Each year, NBA organises Nordic Blockchain Conference (NBC) – a conference that aims to enlighten, support and promote the vision of Nordic Blockchain Association, whereas blockchain is the driving force for sustainability, learning and democracy in the technology sector. By hosting a yearly flagship conference supported by a monthly series of network events cross the Nordics, NBA is building a more transparent, inclusive future where blockchain is a trusted, equitable, and transformative tool that benefits society and the environment.

As a professional network of industry experts, thought leaders, and advocates, NBA explores the limitless potential of blockchain and work to promote its positive impact across the Nordics and wider society.


Visit for more information. 

ARYZE ApS is a Copenhagen headquartered financial technology business dedicated to resolving the most significant challenges facing the global financial system. Since inception in 2017, ARYZE has operated at the intersection of traditional and decentralized finance, leveraging innovative methods and emerging blockchain based technologies to promote better financial connectivity. 

ARYZE’s primary objective is to promote global financial inclusion by enabling the two billion unbanked individuals worldwide to access financial services. ARYZE accomplishes this goal together with its strategic partners by offering a suite of proprietary blockchain-based products and services, including Digital Cash stablecoins, cross-chain protocol reForge, and Web3 exchange MAMA. ARYZE Digital Cash is a suite of stablecoins that provides a compelling, trustworthy, secure, and flexible alternative to traditional fiat currency, bank accounts and cryptocurrencies. 

ARYZE Digital Cash are distinguished as “full-reserve stablecoins” meaning that each and every token is backed 1:1 by ultra secure and investment grade government assets, ensuring high liquidity and freedom from leverage or other financial risks. ReForge is a cross-chain protocol built into Digital Cash that enables the transfer of stablecoins between different blockchains, and conversion between different variants of Digital Cash. MAMA is ARYZE’s very own decentralized finance (DeFi) WEB3 platform for Digital Cash where users can trade, pool, and earn rewards safely and easily. 

ARYZE partners with leading digital asset exchanges, financial institutions and marketplaces deploying its capabilities to help connect consumers and businesses with new kinds of financial services and the world of digital assets. Paving the way for innovative financial solutions, ARYZE has achieved significant milestones and recognitions, such as: “Best ESG / SDG Token” (Tads Awards, 2021), “Forbes 30 Under 30 – Europe” (Forbes Finance List, 2020), “Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer” (Corporate Vision Magazine, 2020), “Top 10 Promising Fintech” (Fintech50, 2019), “People’s Choice Award” (SDG Tech Awards, 2019), “Top 50 Nordic Impact Company” (The One Initiative, 2019), and “Best New Fintech Startup” (Copenhagen Fintech Lab, 2018).

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