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ARYZE is excited to welcome Alkali Amana to our content team as part of its new Content Ambassador Program. We are currently developing a team of dedicated writers worldwide, focusing on the African, Asian, and South American regions. The initiative seeks to empower writers with a platform so they can build and grow their own audiences while providing ARYZE with high-quality content that centers around the local stories of their regions.

Alkali Amana is a graduate of Law and writer with a flair for Content Creation, Editing, and Development. He works as an editorial writer for African Leadership Magazine (UK), a leading publication in Africa, where he creates content across different areas such as Business, Politics, Technology, SDGs, etc., focusing on projecting the best and positive stories from the continent.

Whenever he is not developing content, Amana loves volunteering for good causes and engaging in Public Speaking and awareness.

Joining ARYZE is a great opportunity for me to explore the space of Blockchain Technology, Entrepreneurship, and topical issues concerning SMEs. My general interest resides in art, literature, history, and Africa. I am passionate about connecting Africa to the rest of the world and helping project the strong will of the continent’s youths in line with setting global standards

Alkali Amana

There are plenty of opportunities to write about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Crypto, Blockchain, and Entrepreneurship with a dedicated angle on your location. Being an ARYZE Content Ambassador is a great way to learn about the fintech industry through an awarded Danish Start-up while growing your audience and network with relevant global figures within finance, technology, and the regulatory space.

According to a report performed by the UN, there is an estimated economic prize of $12 trillion in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Most of this economic potential is in developing countries, and SMEs will play a crucial role. Moreover, the future of blockchain-related jobs is quite bright in the coming years. For example, The WEF estimates that blockchain technology is set to grow more than $3.1 trillion in 2030 while globally disrupting industries and often challenging businesses to re-invent their business models.

Writing for ARYZE will help you understand the importance of the 4th industrial revolution and become acquainted with life-changing ideas that will define the future. The backbone of our content is the SDGs: 9, 10, and 16, as well as covering current affairs that are highly relevant in finance, technology, and regulations. Your stories will be featured under your name on our Blog, Social Media channels, and newsletters.

Robin G. Kristensen

Robin G. Kristensen, Communications Manager ARYZE

Writers come from all walks of life. However, If your experience or preference is for technical writing, there are considerations for covering the details of the technological innovations and mechanics of cryptocurrency, and/or particular legal or financial disclaimers to keep in mind. Both will require familiarity and understanding of particular kinds of terms and jargon.

To learn more about ARYZE and the Content Ambassador Program please reach out to our Communications Manager, Robin Gonzalez Kristensen at [email protected] You can also visit our blog to learn more about blockchain, crypto, and SDGs.

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