ARYZE invited to SDG Frontier Finance Forum at United Nations in New York

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian will take part in conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York City Friday the 21st of September.

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian and Brand Manager Michaela Hendrickson will take part in the SDG Frontier Finance Forum in New York City on Friday the 21st of September.

The purpose of the SDG Frontier Finance Forum is to build a community of highly select and courageous leaders to take action in unlocking the full power of new frontier financing across impact finance, blockchain and digital value exchange assets to capitalize and deliver the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Due to ARYZE taking part in Token Fest in Boston last week the Danish company was invited to be part of a select community of innovators committed to the intersection of frontier tech and SDG-aligned impact investing and corporate strategy.

Photo: United Nations / John Gillespie

ARYZE can enable the move of fiat value between individuals, businesses and corporations using blockchains and distributed consensus networks, eliminating the majority of intermediaries and fees. The biggest advantages of ARYZE are towards people living in poverty as it provides access to adequate financial services. The 2,5 billion adults that do not have bank account can benefit from products that will help them manage their income, pay and receive money without transaction fees even with cross-border transactions.

Thus ARYZE can help the UN achieve Sustainable Goal #10 of Reducing Inequality within and among countries, which ARYZE can achieve significantly below the target of 3%.

Find the full agenda here and read more about the conference here:

For the first time in history, we as humanity can collectively reach a new frontier that delivers true quantum leaps for humanity, planet and prosperity. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provide a universal matrix and the blueprint to reach this new frontier. Agreed upon by 193 countries — and generating unprecedented support across business, finance, NGOs and countries, cities and citizens — the SDGs are the boldest collective ambition the world has yet endeavored to meet the world’s Great Challenges.

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