ARYZE closes private token sale with $1.6 million raised

ARYZE is building a global payments solution and has recently completed the first successful ICO from Denmark, resulting in a total investment of more than $1.6 million USD.

Morten Nielsen & Jack Nikogosian (Photo: Nicolas Cosedis)

2018 was a good year for ARYZE. We started the year with winning the award: Best Fintech at Venture Cup, and since then, Best Startup at Copenhagen Fintech Week. Furthermore, we received the InnoFounder grant from Innovation Fund Denmark. 2019 has equally been off to a great start.

As the first to successfully complete an Initial Coin Offering from Denmark, to our knowledge, we have raised a total investment of more than $1.6 million USD.

ARYZE Founders (left to right): Morten Nielsen, Jack Nikogosian, Carl Jenster
ARYZE Founders (left to right): Morten Nielsen, Jack Nikogosian, Carl Jenster

Community is essential for ARYZE and we are very pleased that we have many ambassadors around the world that participate in spreading the word about our efforts. At the same time, we are in control over which direction we are to take in our future development, and we believe this model for distributed crowdfunding is the future — ARYZE CEO, Jack Nikogosian.

In the months to come, we will raise 8-figures (USD) in our next funding round, and there is a large interest from international funds already. We have already entered into a major partnership, and more will be announced over the course of this year.

In 2020, we plan to employ more than 200 individuals and have a turnover of more than $15 million USD. As a company, we want to maintain our base in Denmark, and our ambition is that we become a so-called unicorn worth over one billion dollars.

Thank you to all of our community members, contributors, friends and family that have supported us on this amazing journey so far. We are thrilled to have such a strong network of partners and friends that are joining us on our road to improving the way you pay.

Facts about ARYZE

  • Established 22. August, 2017 by Jack Nikogosian, as acting CEO.
  • Co-founders are Carl Jenster and Morten Nielsen.
  • ARYZE began at Copenhagen Fintech Lab and later moved to offices in Frederiksberg.
  • Currently, the company has 100 sq. meters of offices on Købmagergade 22, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • ARYZE received the InnoBooster scholarship from Innovation Fund Denmark in 2018. Link.
  • ARYZE won the award “Best Fintech” at Venture Cup 2018. Link.
  • ARYZE won the award “Best New Startup” at Copenhagen Fintech Week 2018. Link.
  • Jack Nikogosian was interviewed about ARYZE in Forbes, December 2018.
  • Tony Craddock, Peter Kristensen, Michel Avital, Jonas Karlberg, Jeppe Stokholm, Fritz Henglein and Per Lind are on the ARYZE advisory board.

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