ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen took the crowd to class at Digi-Talks

Morten Nielsen shined at the Digi-Talk event “The Financial System of Tomorrow” at Copenhagen University.

ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen — Photo by Ole Steen

ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen comes with a unique background in the world of finance with experience from Paribas and Credit Lyonnais before moving on to top positions at J.P. Morgan and UBS. Since then he has also gained great knowledge of ICO’s and the regulations surrounding them and has today positioned himself as an expert in the field.

Morten Nielsen has recently published a very thorough article about stablecoins which can be found here. Due to his experience and knowledge he was invited to talk at Copenhagen University for the Digi-Talk event “The Financial System of Tomorrow” on September 26th.

The introduction for the event was as following:

How can a digital currency be used on a national scale? And how would such a digital currency potentially influence the Danish economy?

Today, the majority of payments happen electronically and transactions with physical cash are becoming less common. Therefore, discussions on the potentials and challenges of the introduction of a central bank issued digital currency (CBDC) are becoming more and more relevant.

Morten Nielsen featured at the event with Boris Düdder from Copenhagen University, and Morten Spange from Denmark’s National Bank.

Spange began with an informative presentation about the differences in central bank issued cash, commercial bank money, and digital currencies — as well as an in-depth reasoning on why it is not the role of a central bank to issue digital currencies.

ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen presenting at Copenhagen University

Morten Nielsen proceeded afterward to give a presentation on how stable cryptocurrencies can be applied to the real world, in the sense of taking varieties of risk into consideration.

Nielsen engaged with students and academics alike to prove why a private company like ARYZE can succeed in creating digital cash that can be used by corporations for instant and cheap, global transactions. He received dozen of questions during his capturing presentation and the crowd clearly enjoyed the capacity of his mind.

Düdder, who is also a very impressive capacity, rounded off the interesting presentations which was followed by a panel debate as well as food and networking.

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