ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen spoke of the merits of stablecoins at Driving IT

IDA invited ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen to speak about stablecoins for their Driving IT conference on November 2nd.

ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen delivered a talk titled “Issuing digital value in a traditional world”

Morten Nielsen has over 20 years of experience in finance. For ARYZE his main focus has been on fundraising in the cryptocurrency space and he is an expert on stablecoins and ICO structures.

During the IDA driving IT event, Morten spoke of where the merits of the crypto stablecoin lie in its ability to transport values across the globe quickly.

ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen laying it down on the audience
ARYZE CFO Morten Nielsen laying it down on the audience

He expanded on this topic, pointing out how with reduced volatility and relatively low cost, stablecoins today fail to recognize and encompass the needs of the established “analog” world.

Which led to his conclusion that the best proxy to central bank-issued digital cash, which functions in practice across borders, is the stablecoin which best represents the actual risk of underlying government risk.

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