ARYZE BVI and Penning Combine Forces to Build New Bridges Between Traditional and Digital Finance

In our commitment to bridging traditional finance with innovative digital solutions, we are proud to highlight the efforts of our subsidiary, ARYZE BVI, in forging a pivotal strategic partnership with Penning, a visionary in digital asset investment banking.

At ARYZE, we see this collaboration with Penning as a significant step in delivering unique and transformative financial services.

Together, ARYZE and Penning are set to accelerate the widespread adoption of ARYZE’s suite of full reserve Digital Cash stablecoins (issued by ARYZE BVI) offering a trusted, compliant, and low-cost solution for institutional investors and professionals transitioning between fiat and digital assets. 

Registered by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and poised to reshape the landscape of digital assets, Penning offers a plethora of services resonant with conventional banking but intricately designed for the digital asset era. As a gateway for connecting TradFi (traditional finance) to CeDeFi (centralized decentralized finance), Penning plays a pivotal role in this partnership with ARYZE BVI as the preferred OTC Desk whose regulatory-compliant financial infrastructure enables seamless deposits for acquiring ARYZE Digital Cash stablecoins.

Issued by ARYZE BVI, Digital Cash stablecoins (currently denominated as eEUR, eUSD, and eGBP) are backed 1:1 with government assets and major currencies, thereby providing a secure and trustworthy alternative to cash. Facilitating operations across multiple blockchains, ARYZE Digital Cash stablecoins mitigate credit, bank, and counterparty risks. The partnership signifies more than just innovation and security in the fintech domain. It represents a shared vision and ethos directed at reimagining the financial sphere. At ARYZE, we see this collaboration as a significant step in delivering unique and transformative financial services.

"This partnership is a testament to ARYZE BVI's strategic vision and our ability to seamlessly operate across various jurisdictions. By joining forces with Penning, we are setting a new benchmark in the industry together. This alliance not only reaffirms our commitment to innovation but also guarantees our users a level of trust that is both unparalleled and unmatched, allowing them to leverage our advanced technologies within the secure confines of Penning's regulated framework."

Jimmie Steinbeck, Founder and CEO of Penning, shares his optimism, We are excited to have formed this partnership with ARYZE BVI. We have been closely following their development, and it is the most solid stablecoin project we have seen globally. With a well crafted legal governance, technical foundation, and economic system, we are certain that they will soon emerge as a market leader in this category.” 

As the technology provider to ARYZE BVI, we at ARYZE ApS are immensely proud of the strides our subsidiary is taking in its collaboration with Penning. Through a focused approach, “ARYZE BVI sets a new standard in stablecoin issuance by blending innovative technology with industry acumen, whereas Penning’s prowess in revolutionizing the digital asset landscape makes them an invaluable partner for us in this journey. With our combined strengths, ARYZE BVI and Penning are expertly positioned to establish new milestones and champion transformative changes in the financial ecosystem“, stated Peter Kristensen, Chairman of the ARYZE BVI Board of Directors.

The symbiotic relationship between ARYZE BVI and Penning encapsulates a shared commitment to transparency, innovation, and the reimagination of the financial sector. It underscores the collective aim to champion global financial inclusivity. For ARYZE, it is a proud moment to witness our subsidiary, ARYZE BVI, shaping the trajectory towards a better financial landscape for all.


ARYZE BVI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARYZE ApS, is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and specializes in the issuance of stablecoins including ARYZE Digital Cash. By leveraging the innovative technology and expertise of ARYZE ApS under a fully regulated fund management agreement, ARYZE BVI provides secure and dependable digital asset management solutions. A service provider agreement delineates the relationship between ARYZE ApS and ARYZE BVI, promoting a robust digital assets ecosystem which securely meets the evolving demands of Web 3 finance.  ARYZE BVI is registered with the BVI Business authorities (Company Number: 2104176) and complies with the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004. ARYZE BVI operates with its own management team, board of directors and corporate governance framework, enhancing the subsidiary’s complete independence and capacity to make strategic decisions in line with its own mission and goals.


About Penning

Penning is the future investment bank for digital assets. With a regulatory-compliant financial infrastructure, Penning caters to businesses and investors, with a full-suite of services as seen from the traditional banking world. With Penning’s high-performing hedge-fund (Penning Capital Management) and broker/OTC desk, on/off-ramp services, and soon cross-border payments solutions utilizing digital assets and blockchain, Penning is setting the path for modern financing and banking. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark with a global reach, Penning is the gateway for connecting TradFi to opportunities in the digital assets space.

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