ARYZE attended United Nations conference in New York

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian attended the SDG Frontier Finance Forum at United Nations in New York to assist developing countries long-term growth.

ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian in New York City for the SDG Frontier Finance Forum at United Nations

Thursday September 20th through Saturday September 23rd ARYZE was in New York City, attending the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Frontier Finance Forum at the United Nations. The UN is pursuing innovative financial models to assist developing countries long-term growth.

The event was hosted by 5th Element Group, an organization who’s goal is to create a dignified, unified and decentralized future highlighting the 17 SDG’s of the UN. They invited over 200+ CEO’s and innovators in fintech with a variety of backgrounds from NGO’s to impacting technology companies. Everyone who attended shared the same values to work together towards accomplishing the SDG’s.

“Sphere within sphere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro is a gift from Italy displayed at the United Nations building

“As we move into new mind-sets of what is possible, the SDG Frontier Finance Forum aims to engage the community invited into this first gathering and the many to come in a process to redefine what value means, who decides what is valuable, and how value is measured and exchanged. Only by courageously re-examining our core assumptions and our ways of seeing and being in the world, can we collectively reimagine a new edge of what is possible.”

– Amber Nystrom, Chief Impact Officer, 5th Element Group

5th Element Group is looking into new technologies and digitalization like blockchain, impact investing and digital asset management to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The day began with breakfast and a view of the Brooklyn skyline. Queen Mother, Dr. Delois Blakely — Ambassador of Goodwill, United Nations started our day with a humbling and inspiring speech. Eliza Jean Reid, First Lady of Iceland, lead us into the topic of equality in our world both in the workplace and everyday life. The panels rounded the morning off by discussing democratizing finance for a greater impact on our world’s economic state and how blockchain can be used as a tool to propel the SDG’s.

Queen Mother, Dr. Delois Blakely with ARYZE CEO Jack Nikogosian

The latter talks of the day were threaded by how leading-edge products and platforms, that exist today, will evolve the engine of the market’s economy to engage a wider collection of minds. Some of the speakers were Nyla Rodgers, Founder of Mama Hope, Jake Vartanian, Founder of Native and Holly Ruxin, Founder of Montcalm TCR.

Daniel Schmachtenberger, Independent Researcher, gave a thought-provoking talk on how the evolution of the natural world is not able to keep up with the evolution of technology today. Therefore we need to use our technology to focus on helping our planet, humanity, and economy because the science does not lie, we cannot keep continuing on the path we are.

The SDG’s were the main focus of the day but what was the fire that excited everyone were the ideas, plans and technology that would propel us to accomplish all seventeen goals by 2030. It was eye opening to hear how blockchain was an obvious solution, in areas like finance, to many people in attendance. Being apart of this event not only validated how impactful the products of ARYZE will be but also how fortunate we are to be working towards a better world alongside so many brilliant, like-minded people and companies.

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