ARYZE attended Token Fest in Boston

Focus on integration of blockchain technology into business structures to ensure a future of safety and innovation at Token Fest in Boston.

Thursday and Friday the 13th-14th of September ARYZE attended Token Fest in Boston. The event had 150+ speakers including the likes of Can Kisagun, Co-founder and CPO at Enigma and 150+ exhibitors from Hyperledger to Haven.

The event kicked off with a V.I.P Opening Party at State Street, overlooking the Boston Harbor. When you entered the venue there was Benjamin Franklin to greet you, a live violinist and large Bitcoin decorations on every table.

Over the course of the next two days there were keynote talks from Larry Sanger, Co-Founder of Wikipedia, Gari Singh, blockchain CTO of IBM, and Ron Garan, Co-Founder of 5th Element Group. The common thread between them was how business are implementing blockchain technology and why we need to make this a primary focus.

There was an eye-opening panel discussing the governance, regulation & enforcement update on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The main topic debated was, how do we protect the space without stifling it’s growth? Andre McGregor (Global Head of Security, TLDR), Amy Burkart (Chief of Cyber Crime Unit, Department of Justice) and Jeff Bandman (Principle of Bandman Advisors LLC) are a few of the members from this panel, which debated this question.

After attending another great V.I.P. party at Boston’s famous baseball stadium, Fenway Park ARYZE left the conference with amazing connections from the U.S. and Canada and inspired by all the other businesses that are being built in this space. Boiling down that everyone’s main goal in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is to integrate blockchain technology into business structures to ensure a future of safety and innovation.

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