ARYZE at a glance — an introduction to the company

We want to pave the way for a faster, smarter and cheaper financial ecosystem by building the bridge between the traditional world and cryptocurrency

ARYZE is a Danish company founded in Copenhagen in August 2017 with a vision to create an ecosystem that is built on transparency and trust. An ecosystem that will benefit both businesses and consumers.

This article serves as an introduction to the company and how we wish to build the bridge between crypto and fiat to reduce transaction costs heavily and make it easy to transfer value globally.

For a thorough introduction to the concept of stablecoins and digital cash, we invite you to read the article: “Stablecoins — Bridging the Gap” by ARYZE CFO, Morten Nielsen


The world is changing in terms of the way we pay for things and transfer value. The digital age, in which people can access information like never before, has had boundless effect on nearly all industries.

We have a situation today where the vast majority of the national currencies are already digital. However, money still flows through a network of conventional payment intermediaries making it slow, cumbersome and expensive.

We want to change that by making money transfers smart. So how do we do that?

ARYZE issues fully redeemable digital cash backed by and pegged to traditional assets. By creating the bridge between conventional fiat money and digital cryptocurrencies, ARYZE aims to be the primary payment infrastructure that enables individuals, businesses, and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem with no transaction fees.

The Solution

There’s a need for a new infrastructure that is not only scalable, but that also delivers the flexibility and power to meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution.

The traditional payment networks we’re using today are simply not fit to facilitate the transactions of tomorrow. While they’ve improved in terms of efficiency and cost, there are an increasing set of challenges with fees, delays and central points of failure.

At ARYZE, our mission is to improve upon these failing elements by building on distributed ledger technology for enhanced network security and faster value transfer.

Introducing ARYZE Digital Cash

Digital cash: Cryptocurrencies in the form of stablecoins that are backed one-to-one by real underlying fiat currencies, issued by governments.

Corporations naturally prefer to receive a currency that is not volatile in return, and that is where ARYZE digital cash comes into play; a cryptographically secure token, linked to national money that will have the benefits of quick and immutable transactions through distributed ledgers, yet also the non-volatility of fiat currency. You get the best of both worlds.

Moreover, ARYZE collateralizes stablecoins by incorporating government risk. We’re essentially insuring deposits through short-term government bonds and bills and working towards drastically reducing credit risk. This is to provide considerably less risk for corporations seeking to exchange currencies, as well as provide an additional revenue stream for ARYZE.

The consequence of introducing credit into the risk and value equation is that just any issued stablecoin pegged to an underlying currency backed by bank deposits does not have the same value as placing money in central banks (holding physical bills) and therefore introduces an element of credit risk leverage, which in practice might be acceptable but from a theoretical perspective is rather unacceptable.

— Morten Nielsen, ARYZE CFO (Stablecoins — Bridging the Gap)

Application Layer

While ARYZE’s digital cash forms the infrastructure on which we can move value, ARYZE will build two types of application layers that function seamlessly with the infrastructure. Application layers that will benefit both businesses and consumers.

Business Dashboard

The ARYZE business dashboard is suited for SMEs and corporations to seamlessly handle payments throughout their supply chains, as well as manage liquidity safely and efficiently.

The dashboard will provide a range of integration tools for companies to cost-effectively conduct payments online while receiving payouts in their preferred currency instantly, as well as an analytical cash-management dashboard for easy handling and overview.

Multi-Asset Modular Application (MAMA)

We like to think of this as the Mother of all Payment Apps. This application is ideal for individuals who want to make Peer-to-Peer payments in a variety of digital currencies (stablecoins and cryptocurrencies). The app will feature a multi-asset wallet function, send and receive support, as well as a suite of downloadable modules to enhance user experience.

Businesses and developers can gain access to a Software Development Kit to build modules that integrate directly with the digital wallet easily. As the modules are built on the same ARYZE platform, these modules also become interoperable (can speak together).

Early Design Prototype for Illustrative Purposes

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