ARYZE Ambassador: Tokenising the plastic eco-system

ARYZE ambassador Daniel Otto speaks about his current project Monetising Plastic Waste on the Blockchain and how he became involved with ARYZE

The ARYZE ambassador program provides a platform for people to develop and expand their innovative projects and to get the word out about them. The ARYZE ambassador program promotes ideas that are both innovative and related to global finance. ARYZE has the ability to do this through their financial eco-system module called MAMApay.

Daniel Otto is one such ambassador for ARYZE. Over the years he’s worked all around the world with people searching to find innovative solutions to financial problems. Daniel studied Finance at the University of Western Australia, located in his hometown of Perth, Australia. Daniel’s project focuses on monetizing plastic waste through using blockchain technology. As stated by Daniel,

We’re creating a new plastic eco-system where units or bales of plastic can be tokenised on the blockchain and can be traded and traced. The idea is that normal everyday people can actively go out into their local environments and communities and pick up plastic waste and be rewarded for it. I believe this tokenised plastic will be significantly integrable with the ARYZE MAMA wallet and with Digital Cash. 

Daniel’s motivation for his current project came to him while he was volunteering for an NGO in Cambodia:

It started in 2017 when I went to Cambodia to volunteer in a micro finance NGO, where I noticed a huge amount of plastic waste not only in urban areas but also in the natural environment. With no formal recycling infrastructure and lack of education for recycling, it gave me the idea that incentive through monetisation of plastic will help clean up local environments. 

ARYZE Ambassador

Daniel sees this solution being used all over the world in both developed and developing countries. Like ARYZE’s concept, Daniel’s solution attempts to provide a secondary eco-system that supplements the already existing one. Part of his solution is providing a way to trace secondary plastic back to its original source. Through ARYZE’s ambassador program, he is able to expand on these ideas.

Why I became an ARYZE ambassador

Daniel became involved with ARYZE by hearing about it at a careers fair where he met ARYZE’s Rasmus Brunn. Daniel saw some incredible positives with what ARYZE is doing in the Fintech sector:

I see several positives in what ARYZE is doing: First, it’s not that ARYZE is building a new product that I find captivating, but they want to create a new  financial eco-system that we can all participate in that is backed using Blockchain. Second, the concept of digital cash is a big one because it will solve the issues of fractional reserve banking, and be a truly sovereign asset which can be stored online on your phone.  Thirdly, the MAMA app will be a massive positive for users as all our financial products that we are involved with, whether it is traditional financial assets such as Stocks and Bonds or Cryptocurrencies, can all be on the same app. 

Daniel has been involved in blockchain since the time he spent in the Berlin startup scene. When Daniel isn’t working with blockchain and fintech, he enjoys exercising, snowboarding, watching rugby and reading history books.

To join ARYZE’s ambassador team, please email [email protected] with a CV and cover letter explaining why you want to be an ARYZE ambassador. For more insights into ARYZE, please visit our website and blog.

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