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ARZYE speaks with Lisa Lombardi about her intercultural and business background and her experience with the ARYZE ambassador program and ARYZE Academy

Lisa Lombardi is an ARYZE ambassador enrolled in ARYZE Academy. The ARYZE ambassador program provides a platform for people to develop and expand their innovative projects while ARYZE Academy offers educational tracks for one to expand their knowledge in the following arenas: Fintech, Blockchain Theory, Entrepreneurship, Coding, and Sales.

ARYZE Academy

Lisa just finished the Entrepreneurial track with ARYZE Academy and will take the Coding track next. Lisa details how she spoke with ARYZE’s Peter Mikkelsen and how she decided to become involved with ARYZE Academy:

I found ARYZE Academy by chance, but after the first talk with Peter I immediately thought it sounded very interesting and it would be a really cool opportunity to learn some more practical while working on something I am interested in. Peter was explaining the projects that had already been started and Daniel’s struck my attention. Therefore, I decided to join the Academy and I am very excited to be more involved in it!

Lisa Lombardi is able to expand on her interest in sustainably and her desire to “nudge consumers to make eco-friendly choices” by working with ARYZE ambassador Daniel Otto on their project “Monetising Plastic Waste of the Blockchain”. As Lisa stated,

I’m very excited about collaborating with Daniel on this project, it really matches what I would like to do in my career. I am really interested in consumer behavior and at the same time passionate about sustainability, so I would like to blend the two and try to make consumers more mindful about their consumption and their habits, to help them be a little greener.

Lisa has significant experience that has led her to this collaboration with Daniel and ARYZE.

ARYZE academy

Intercultural and Business Experience

Lisa has extensive intercultural experience having grown up in Italy, studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in the Netherlands including a semester in South Korea, completed an internship in Belgium, and she recently received her Master of Science degree at a university in Sweden. She’s incredibly humble about her intercultural experiences, while noting some of the positives of having lived, studied, and worked internationally:

Being open to change and to new cultural contexts meant that I could follow what I really wanted to do regardless of the availability of e.g. study programs or job opportunities. This was very important to me because now I can look back and feel satisfied with all my choices, while maybe I would have regretted missing on some very cool opportunities just because they were not an option where I was based.   

Not only has her ability to adapt to intercultural settings helped her in her career, her business and marketing background, as well as her background with startups, are great tools for her work with Daniel on their project:

Certainly, having an academic background in business and marketing helps understand the steps and the process involved in the project, for example, the business canvas, or a survey to get an idea of the likely consumers’ reception. I also hope that I can support him with my marketing background, since the project really addresses consumers and their daily behavior, motivation, incentives, and rewards.

Through ARYZE’s ambassador program, Lisa has the platform to put to use her background in business and with marketing to use and she provides her own valuable insights into how one might “nudge” consumers into making greener choices:

Having greener alternatives on the market, together with incentives to consume sustainably would obviously make it easier for consumers. But at the same time, I think that a huge amount of education is also needed for consumers to really understand the importance and the impact of their daily behaviors.

They can have a thousand green options, but if they do not understand why they should choose them or how they should consume and dispose of them, then the effect is limited. If consumers were more rational in buying and consuming sustainably, companies would be much more motivated to offer green products. It’s all a cycle, in my opinion.

Lisa is an prime example of the type of collaboration that ARYZE seeks, and those who have interest in developing their skills in fintech, entrepreneurship, and sustainability can do so through ARYZE’s ambassador program and through ARYZE Academy.

To join ARYZE’s ambassador team and for more information about ARYZE Academy, please email [email protected] with a CV and cover letter explaining why you want to be an ARYZE ambassador. For more insights into ARYZE, please visit our website and blog.

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